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This time the House of Infographics present you the infographic about the origin of the name of the character in the Dragon Ball series. Did you know that Akira Toriyama the creator of Dragon Ball gives his characters names from a variety of everyday objects ? Saiya race itself is taken from Yasai Japanese word , which means vegetables, and therefore the characters of the tribe Saiya is taken from the names of vegetables. Kakarot (Goku ‘s real name on the Planet Saiya) is taken from the word carrot, Vegeta the prince of the tribe Saiya is derived from vegetable, etc.. For more further you can see on Dragon Ball Wiki page here.

For you fans of Dragon Ball, enjoy this infographic and don’t forget to share this infographic to your friends who love Dragon Ball too ! :D If there is much demand, this infographic will be updated with a more complete number of characters, including characters from his movie :)

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